Marvelous Nature

From Saydet Al Hosn which Ioftily faces the sea and valleys (that no one but the saints and hermits has ever known their depths) as well as the immortal cedars during daytime, and serenely faces the lights (far and near) and moon at night. From the changing colors of the mountains on which the eye of Saliba Al Douaihy blossomed out, and which stimulated Jawad BouIos’s thought and inspired Sem’an Al Khazen and Father Michael Mawad.

From Bkoufa through the Dawalib, Dahr Al Shir, and from Al Mtal and Al Bououl up to Jou’it then Horsh Ehden, the eye dips into nature beauties which most of its awesome scenes could be the one you see when standing on the foot of Mar Sarkis Mountain, near Al Nebe’ and its restaurants or at the monasteries of Mar Ya’oub and Mart Moura on top of the Sacred Valley